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I wish to thank all the men and women that have labored to document their observations, for without their contributions, this theory would never have been possible; as with all puzzles the more organized the pieces, the easier it is to connect the pieces.
I also wish to thank the entire publishing community (with special thanks to the people of magazines and television) that has brought science and science fiction to the public. This has been my chief way of collecting the scientific information about the universe that was utilized in this theory.
I was once told as a teenager, that if all the information about gravity were put into a computer, the computer would be able to answer the problem of gravity. I did not believe that, but I thought to myself that if the premise was true, then all I had to do was collect as much scientific information as possible and I would understand and solve the problems of the universe. This is my solution.
This theory is a simple collection of three concepts that form the bases for the configuration of a fraction of the universe. But when you consider all the ramifications, you get what I call the “spider web of complexity”. This is when you don’t see the web as a whole, but only see the links between its parts. It’s hard to understand how simple and beautiful the structure is because of all the unseen links, so until you complete all the links, the whole seems complex and difficult to navigate. I have tried to show the links between these concepts and the common everyday world.  However, I have left out many of the links that concern the macro universe and the sub-atomic universe, as this theory has become too large for a single person to elucidate, because of all the effects that may be explained by this theory. My hope is that computer modeling of the different atomic nuclei will prove this theory correct and enable new chemical and physical discoveries.
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