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Old (wiki link for old) to see read about old
OLD theories are wrong because - You have a cloud of negatively charge particles held in orbit by the positively charged nucleus,
PPT describes not a cloud of electron, but in which electron exists in domains that are controlled by the shape and location of a corresponding thermo-field, which emanates from a corresponding proton.

Example of the past model of atoms,

This is the first model, close but incorrect.

the addition of shells

This is even closer It shows electron domains but also incorrect.

This is the next model closest so far but still incorrect. None of this model so far has explains what controls the electron path in each of their domains.
This is the neon model of the electron domains. PPT the shape of the thermo-field closely matches this model but PPT adds the thermo-field give a shape to what is controlling the paths that the electrons.

In this view an electron is riding on the thermo-field at the highest energy state.

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