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Proof for the three main concepts of PPT

        Proton and electrons are magnets / Thermo-field = Heat energy and control the electrons orbit / Light being a 2-dimensional wave that charge particles.



All proof is antidotal proof – so the challenge is if the new theory closer to the truth.


The biggest problem with the previous theories is that they over work the magnetism of the atom. Phased particle theory (PPT) adds the thermo-field and changes the job of magnetism to make the world easier to understand.

Any new theory will be challenged to show proof and in the case of physics they always ask, where is the math? But in both cases, proof is in the eye of the beholder and the math only has to be mostly right, I.e. Newton law of gravity its mostly right in most cases, but not in all cases or time scales, and the ideal gas law, is wrong but it also works close enough for the every day use.

So here a few questions for all who seek the truth – What comes first the theory or the math? – Does the scientific method required math as proof? – Mathematical relationships in chemistry and physics that are derived from empirical evidence (experiments), but the physical processes having no explained.  Can the fact that the new theory having the explanations of the math be proof of its validity?


There are 3 judges to use - they are Occams razor (ockham’s) - Socratic approach and Scientific method.

To sum up this three:

Is the new theory simpler?

Is it logical?

And last - is it testable?

Answer is that PPT is simpler, logical and with all the possible predictions, PPT is testable.


The proof is that PPT points out weakness and errors of current thinking by redefines the meaning of the words that describe how and why matter reactions. PPT is able to go beyond old theory and explain so many every day thing, and with explanation comes understanding, which then prediction of new uses, for such scientific field as chemistry, isotope chemistry, atomic nuclear arrangement, physic, biology, and gravity.


Scientific method proposes that you state what is wrong with current theory and show how yours are better. There for this section has 10 articles stating what’s new or different between PPT and the old theories.

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