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Chapter 10

With better insights into the atomic structure of isotopes, we can design better materials.

Force fields (the alignment of magnetic bands into a matrix) may become possible.

Super-string theory may combine with phased particle theory.

Inertial dampening fields (by controlling photon phasing to hold an atom in place) may become possible

Hover crafts that control magnetic repulsion to lift and move a vehicle may become possible.

Neutrons are unstable and decay if not absorbed into the nucleus of an atom with a balanced nucleus. A better understanding of how this affects the building of heavy atoms may lead to better design of fission reactors.

Superconductivity is the isolation of the electron flow from magnetic and thermo-field interference. You see this in electron flow in a vacuum and in substances that create tunnel structures in crystals and nano-tubes that isolate the electrons from outside magnetic interferences.  A new understanding of this phenomenon may lead to better superconductors.

With a better model of atomic structures, we can predict what the characteristics of the elements will be for any plasma and create new items. High temperatures and pressures cause the thermo-fields of atoms to lock together as a solid. Whereas the electrons are loosely associated to the atoms thermo-field, due to the physical distortion of the thermo field under very high pressures, the electrons cause the secondary magnetic field of the protons to interact with their nearest neighbors.

This theory has two more parts: the macro universe of the stars and the micro universe of the atom; my plan is to cover those in the next few years after any errors have been pointed out.

Topics that need to be investigated or verified, other than gravity and time, are:

Controlled decay rate of unstable nucleus.

How Tesla stumbled on to an energy ray.

Whether gravity waves are absorbed directionally and radiated globally, or whether atoms always move in the direction of absorption.

Whether the planetary rings are the result of the planet’s magnetic field, which may balance their orbits.

Super-string theory and dimensional errors. 


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