Phased Particle Theory  

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  Phased Particle Theory (PPT) is not the theory of everything for 2009, but it does a much better job of explaining the everyday things like the physical interactions in chemistry and the elements’ characteristics, including their isotopes. PPT introduces the thermo-field, which replaces the definition of heat, not as the vibration of atoms, but as an energy field that is responsible for the energy of heat and the volume which spaces and arrangement of atoms in compounds. The thermo-field control’s the electron(s) that orbits around the nucleus as well as the speed and energy of electrons. By controlled the location and complex shapes of the domains defining the paths of electrons as opposed to electrons orbiting in spherical shells.

PPT goes beyond just chemistry by defining why atoms arrange themselves to form the complex compounds and unique structures like proteins. This structural model of atoms will assist in the creation of drugs to fight cancer. 
PPT will revolutionizes the designing of electronics and advance material with the understanding of magnetism, thermo-field, and particle that phase in and out of the universe are responsible for how thing act. PPT use this new view of physics to model the proton - neutron arrangement within the atom’s nucleus, as well as removing the paradoxes that exists about light, gravity and time.